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Elimu Pi uses the power of RaspBerry Pi Pi and Pico W microcontroller to achieve robotics and IOT prototypes and innovations.

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About Elimu Pi Robotics

The Elimu Pi Robotics is a customized programmable PCB designed circuit board that uses the Elimu Pi Pico and Pico W microcontroller, to achieve robotics and Internet of Thing(IOT) prototypes and innovations.

It is specifically developed for school/university/tech enthusiasts/learners and their teachers to facilitate the creation of prototypes using Python or script programming. This board enables learners to explore the world of electronics and robotics in a hands-on and interactive manner.

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Debunking Elimu Pi


Elimu Pi can be used to make various projects including scalable prototypes.

Processing power

Elimu Pi, backed up with Elimu Pi, offers even fast execution and usage in heavy operations.


Elimu Pi has variant sensors that enhance user experience in project development.

Small Form Factor

Elimu Pi is compact in size and allows for portable and space-efficient implementations.

Elegant interface

Elimu Pi's PCB design is crafted with every port taken to great consideration to ensure elegance and ease of use.


The Elimu Pi ecosystem includes a wide range of HATs (Hardware Attached on Top) and add-on boards, expanding functionality.

Ideate your innovations

Ideating your innovations with Elimu Pi opens doors to endless possibilities. This versatile and affordable single-board computer empowers you to unleash creativity and turn imaginative ideas into reality. With its GPIO pins, processing power, and networking capabilities, Elimu Pi allows you to connect and control various sensors and actuators, bringing your innovative concepts to life. Supported by a vibrant community and abundant resources, ideating with Elimu Pi becomes a fulfilling journey of learning, problem-solving, and creating impactful solutions for diverse industries and challenges. Embrace the potential of this powerful tool to innovate and explore new horizons in the world of technology.

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Elimu Pi can be used in multiple projects and IOT innovations.
Some of them include the following:

Weather Monitoring station

Elimu Pi comes with General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins that allow you to interface directly with various sensors and modules.

Home automation system

Elimu Pi serves as a central controller for all smart devices and sensors in your home, providing a unified interface to manage and control them.

Smart Agriculture Solutions

Elimu Pi's processing power is sufficient to handle data processing, analysis, and decision-making required for smart agriculture applications.

Energy monitoring and Control

With Elimu Pi, you can tailor the energy monitoring and control prototype to specific energy consumption patterns and device requirements.

Smart Water Treatment

Elimu Pi can log water consumption data locally, enabling historical analysis and identifying patterns for water conservation

Smart Parking system

Elimu Pi's remote access capabilities enable users to monitor and manage the parking system from anywhere, enhancing convenience and control.

Air Quality monitoring system

The Elimu Pi ecosystem offers a wide range of add-on boards and HATs, allowing the addition of features like particulate sensors, gas sensors, and displays.

Many other projects

Elimu Pi supports recent programming technologies and interfaces, allowing integration with various sensors and equipment to best customize your project.

The Pi Gallery

Here is an awesome gallery of the exquisite Elimu Pi, browse the details, elegance and professional craftsmanship that this masterpiece underwent!

Elimu Pi is a powerful tool that can empower individuals and communities alike. By providing an affordable and versatile platform for learning, experimentation, and creation, Elimu Pi opens doors to endless possibilities.

Elimu Pi


Elimu Pi is a beacon of innovation, igniting imaginations and driving technological advancement. With its compact yet potent hardware, Elimu Pi offers a canvas for innovators to bring their groundbreaking ideas to life.

Elimu Pi


Elimu Pi empowers individuals to unleash their creativity and embark on journeys of creation. With its versatile architecture and user-friendly ecosystem, Elimu Pi becomes a blank canvas for crafting a multitude of projects.

Elimu Pi


Elimu Pi serves as a dynamic gateway for lifelong learning, igniting a thirst for knowledge and skill-building. By offering an immersive hands-on experience, it becomes a classroom without boundaries, where individuals of all ages can embark on educational journeys.

Elimu Pi


Through enhanced networking capabilities, it will seamlessly integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing for a vast ecosystem of interconnected devices. Elimu Pi's potential as a central hub for smart cities, intelligent transportation, and remote healthcare systems holds the promise of fostering unparalleled connectivity.

Elimu Pi


Elimu Pi propels imagination into reality, ushering in a world where innovative concepts materialize with astonishing precision. By marrying hardware and software seamlessly, it becomes a conduit for transforming visionary ideas into tangible solutions.

Elimu Pi


Paul Akwabi
Albert Mwaniki
Lead PCB Designer
Stephen Juma
Asst. PCB Designer and Testing
Justine Njuguna
Junior Software Engineer

Meet the Team

Our team is a harmonious blend of talents, featuring a combination of skills that enrich our projects. Together, we form a dynamic group that merges technical prowess with artistic innovation.

This collaborative synergy among our team members ensures that our Elimu Pi projects not only perform flawlessly but also captivate with their visual appeal. The skills and expertise we bring to the table contribute to every aspect of our creations, from the intricate inner workings to the captivating exterior designs. By leveraging each team member's unique strengths, we create a seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics, resulting in Elimu Pi projects that stand out for their exceptional performance and captivating user experiences.

Our Partners

We are pleased to work with many partners. Those who work with us in the country include:

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Our Clients
Raspberry Pi Foundation

As the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we are excited to partner with Elimu Pi Robotics and witness the incredible potential of their innovative creation. Their bespoke PCB integrated with the Raspberry Pi marks a new era in Kenyan robotics, revolutionizing the landscape and empowering enthusiasts, students, and professionals to explore and create with unmatched versatility. Together, we are confident in Elimu Pi Robotics' pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of brilliant minds and transforming Kenya into a hub of robotics excellence. Let's embark on this journey of innovation together.


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